Promoting the inner city: This is the new city manager of Renningen – Renningen

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What is your job as city manager in Renningen?

First and foremost it is about promoting the inner city area, restaurateurs, retailers, service providers. The best way to do this is through campaigns and events that draw the public’s attention to the offers. In April, for example, we had an Easter campaign for children in the shops and later the Easter market with Sunday shopping. Other ways to strengthen the inner city are offers like the Euro-Chip, which is already available here. This is a city-internal currency that works like a voucher and can be used at Renninger companies. I also work closely with the trade and commerce association.

You currently work five to six hours a week, how much can you actually get done in this time?

In fact, that’s not a lot of time, but it shouldn’t be viewed so strictly either. When there are more events, especially around Easter, I naturally work more, but much less happens during the summer holidays.

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What are your plans?

The next action we have planned is the Renninger shopping spree on July 8th. The campaign used to be known as the Long Night of Shopping. Otherwise, my goal is to visit all the shops and service providers in the city, introduce myself and strike up a conversation.

Shops and service providers are not only to be found in the heart of Renningen. Are these also taken into account when planning events?

First and foremost, city management is actually about the direct inner city. But in all events, shops that are further on the outskirts of the city are of course also included and can participate. And we have some very interesting peripheral areas in Renningen that can be well integrated, for example the South Shopping Center.

Where do you see particular advantages or challenges in Renningen compared to other cities?

I am not yet aware of any specific problem areas. I’ll have to wait and see what comes out of the talks with the dealers. But I think the main advantage of Renningen is that we have a good mix of branches, especially in the city centre. We have different gastronomy, electrical retailers, clothing stores, even a toy store, which is not a matter of course either. You can build on that.