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Do you need money to realize a project, renovate a property, refurnish an apartment, make a purchase, optimize or increase an existing loan, or achieve a professional goal you’ve always dreamed of? Or do you simply want more financial resources?

We also offer you current loans cheap loans up to CHF 250,000 between 4.4% and 9.95% interest with a term of 12 to 84 months.
Our credit offers also apply for permanent employees, self-employed persons, temporary employees, IV pensioners, AHV pensioners, foreigners with a «C», «B», «L» permit and cross-border commuters.

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10 advantages with a cheap loan from Prontokredit

1. Better conditions for loans at Prontokredit

Our experience in the credit industry allows you to get the loan you want with the best conditions at Prontokredit.

2. Free choice of term and interest rate with Prontokredit

You can choose the term for repaying the loan. Depending on your ability to repay, you determine a term of between 6 and 120 months.

3. Efficiency and competence at Prontokredit

Our competencies enable you to receive the test decision within a very short time or even within 24 hours. Since we are aware that after a loan request, the commitment must be made as quickly as possible so that the financing can take place, we use our knowledge for you professionally and efficiently. Clear documents and transparency guarantee the best possible processing of the credit transaction.

4. Years of experience at Prontokredit

Prontokredit has been active in the credit industry for over 30 years. We make our experience available to customers with professional and discreet work so that every wish can be fulfilled.

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5. Large selection at Prontokredit

Thanks to our neutral position on the market, we always find the best and cheapest solution for you by submitting the variant that is tailored to your needs and individually.

6. Flexible loan repayment with Prontokredit

If you repay the loan early, you will be refunded the interest charged in advance.

7. Professional credit optimization at Prontokredit

With Prontokredit, you have the option of requesting an optimization of an existing loan at any time, ie you can request an increase or an interest rate improvement on the current loan. An interest rate reduction is definitely worth it.

8. Uniform credit rates at Prontokredit

You can unify several loans, leasing or open credit card balances into a single installment, which gives you more transparency and a better overview of your monthly expenses.

9. More security for you with Prontokredit

You can also insure your personal loan. Prontokredit also gives you the option of insuring your loan so that your loan installments are secured in the event of an emergency. We will advise you personally.

10. Clear priorities at Prontokredit

You, the customer, are always our top priority! Your priorities and optimal advice for this are our strength!
We are happy to provide you with information and questions at any time.

Favorable credit throughout Switzerland with Prontokredit

Prontokredit enables cheap loans for permanent employees, loans for temporary employees, loans for foreigners with a “C”, “B”, “L” permit and loans for cross-border commuters, loans for pensioners AHV/IV and loans for the self-employed throughout Switzerland.

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The cheap loans from Prontokredit can be used for:

  • credit for furniture
  • Credit for car, motorcycle etc.
  • Credit for education or training
  • Loan for renovation or conversion (house or apartment)
  • More projects from you

You need advice? We are at your disposal personally and without obligation on +41 31 398 40 60.