Proof of value in less than 30 minutes… Son Heung-min, 3 consecutive goals


All you have to do is go to the game and you score goals This time, it was replaced, so even though there was little time to play, it shook the net. He played in 8 games and scored 9 goals. Today’s (23rd) goal showed how fast Heung-min Son is and how easy it is to score goals in difficult situations.

This is Moon Sang-hyuk.


Son Heung-min was judged offside twice today because of the peculiar movement that quickly digs into the space behind the defense.

But the third attempt was different.

It was connected by a cool goal that was filled with plenty of space and calmly, but the moment Doherty’s ball hit Vanishius’ head, it quickly digs inside the defensive line to clear the offside trap. Waved.

[현지 중계 : 좋은 터치입니다! 손흥민이 이 기회를 놓칠 리가 없죠!]

Unlike usual as a starter, it was replaced in 17 minutes in the second half, and in 22 minutes, he made a goal with an amazing movement, which is already three consecutive goals.

The European Football Federation and the British media praised it, and the Tottenham legend praised Son Heung-min.

[글렌 호들/축구 평론가 : 환상적입니다. 저 아름다운 첫 터치를 좀 보세요!]

In fact, just before the game, the BBC analyzed that “The reason Son Heung-min is important is revealed by numbers,” and “contributing to 15% of Tottenham’s total goals, especially last season, the contribution soared to 33%.” As if to prove, Son Heung-min is scoring goals in every game this season and solving a unique goal ceremony.

In today’s Europa League, another player’s goal sang the cheers of the fans.

Scottish League Rangers’ Kemar Rupee shot from a distance of about 50 meters without crossing the half line, making it the longest Europa League goal scored.

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