Propaganda on fire prevention and fighting at Hoan Kiem Lake walking space

On Saturday morning, March 18, 2022, in the pedestrian zone of Hoan Kiem Lake, Hanoi, residents and visitors were directly propagated and disseminated by soldiers of the Fire and Rescue Police and Civil Service, disseminating legal knowledge on fire prevention and fighting. instructing basic skills when fire and explosion incidents occur and skills to use for some common fire fighting means.Through the propaganda session, Hoan Kiem District Police introduced to the public the fire fighting models in residential areas, public fire fighting points in deep alleys so that the public could be more aware of the public’s public safety. Fire & Rescue activities.Also in this area, 20 photos of fire prevention and fighting activities are displayed so that residents and visitors can better understand the hardships, hardships and dangers of firefighting and rescue soldiers when fighting with “fire enemies.” “and natural disasters.At the same time, through these photos, residents and visitors can see first-hand the great damage to people and property when fires and explosions occur, thereby becoming more conscious in fire and explosion prevention and control right away. at home, residential area.In the face of this situation, Hanoi has continuously experienced fires causing special damage to people in recent times, causing people to be confused and worried, the propaganda and dissemination of knowledge on ensuring fire prevention and fighting safety and fire prevention and fighting and fire prevention and fighting and fire prevention and fighting and fire prevention and fighting and fire prevention and fighting has increased. guide basic handling skills in case of fire and explosion, especially safe escape skills for themselves and their families.In addition, people were also instructed on how to install the fire alarm application 114 on mobile phones to promptly notify the authorities of fire and explosion incidents.It is expected that propaganda activities on fire prevention and fighting technology will be held once a month so that people and tourists visiting Hoan Kiem pedestrian street can regularly improve their knowledge, knowledge and skills on fire prevention and fighting, and take the initiative. implement fire safety at your own house.Students were instructed to use personal fire extinguishers to deal with fires themselves.This fire fighting show was enthusiastically supported by the students.Firefighters and Firefighters of Hoan Kiem District enthusiastically guided students on how to handle the fire.Rescue and firefighting suits were also displayed by the Hoan Kiem District Fire and Rescue Team at the pedestrian street of Hoan Kiem Lake.Instruction leaflets on fire and explosion handling were distributed by Fire and Rescue personnel in Hoan Kiem district to people and tourists at the pedestrian street of Hoan Kiem Lake.

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