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Proper washing: Seven tricks that you certainly did not know yet

Washing clothes is not difficult. But beware: In the washing machine you have to pay a lot. With these tips, the laundry is radiantly clean.

Modern washing machines are easy to operate and offer a comprehensive washing program. They are so powerful today that they are already at 20, 30 or 40 degrees Laundry from stubborn stains to free. But at the latest when Discoloration on the clothes sign off or the machine starts, smell unpleasantMany are revising their habits. These Tips from expertshelp you with that.

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1. Wash once a month with 60 degrees

Most washing machines make your laundry hygienically clean from just 30 degrees. Still, you should at least once a month let the machine run at a higher temperature. That advises the initiative home appliances +.

The reason: Bacteria and germs deposit in the interior of the device and are over time for unpleasant odors responsible. These are then transferred to the following washes.

At 60 degrees However, most bacteria are killed. The initiative therefore advises Detergents in powder formwhich contains bleach and decomposes the deposits.

2. Use the correct detergent

Which detergent fits which laundry? Here is the rule: Fine or colored laundry detergent for colorful clothes, universal or heavy duty detergent for white laundry, according to the industry association body care and laundry detergent.

In addition, at heavily soiled laundry more detergent needed. Important: Pay attention to the information on the label. Many textiles like Wool or silk need special care, With leather, you should completely do without washing in the machine.

3. Detergents especially for black clothes are superfluous

In an investigation of the Stiftung Warentest in 2013 have special detergents for black textiles badly cut off, The test showed that they did not get the color better than usual color detergents.

For both types of detergent, the black color quickly faded, such as after about 20 washes, Another test result showed that products from the market leader did not differ significantly from cheaper alternatives from the supermarket differ.

4. Dry towels while drafted

Many know that Towels at 60 degrees be washed so that they are properly clean. But here it comes up the right drying on. Because when washing, the fibers of the towels and become hard and rough when drying.

The episode: The Scrape towels and feel uncomfortable on the skin. Around dry Rigid To avoid, the "forum washing" recommends the towels always in a room with draft hang.

5. It depends on the load

How much laundry fits in the drum? And at how much detergent is it best to clean? Here it comes up the right amount on. The dosage information on the packaging usually refers to devices with a loading volume of four and a half kilograms of normal laundry or two and a half kilograms of delicates,

However, modern washing machines now have one Capacity of six or even eight kilograms, With these quantities you also need correspondingly more detergent,

6. Dry outside in winter

Laundry also dries in the cold season on the Clothesline in the garden or on the Clothes horse on the balcony, Dry and cold air in winter absorbs the moisture even better as warm, but humid air in summer.

Cleaning expert Bernd Glassl of the industry association for personal care and washing agents speaks of "sublimation". This means: At freezing temperatures, the wet laundry and the freezes frozen water evaporates directly, without getting liquid.

at Synthetic clothing this process should be very fast. To prevent the damaged frozen parts let them hang until they are completely dry.

7. Dispense with descaling agent and softener

For common detergents, it is not necessary, in addition Descaler or fabric softener to use. Nearly every product today contains remedies for limescale. Here you should definitely on the correct dosage pay attention, recommends the "Forum washing".

In addition, you can confidently on the Addition of fabric softener without. Against the dry rigidity helps, if the Clothes line hanging in the draft or you put your laundry in the dryer. On the home remedy, Vinegar instead of fabric softener To use, you should complete renounce, The effect is not comparable and according to Glassl vinegar also worry for Deposits in the machine,

By Felix Mildner

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