Property of 3.33 million children of Li Yundi, whose whereabouts are unknown for 7 months, has been seized

Property of 3.33 million children of Li Yundi, whose whereabouts are unknown for 7 months, has been seized

The famous Chinese pianist Li Yundi, known as the “Prince of the Piano”, was detained in October last year for being involved in pornography, shocking the whole country! The incident fermented to Yijia, and everyone gradually forgot. Li Yundi’s whereabouts were unknown for 7 months. It was spread wildly on that 3.33 million yuan (about 3.87 million Hong Kong dollars) of property in the name of himself and his father Li Chuan were falsely seized!

It has been pointed out that Li Yundi cooperated with a furniture manufacturer as a spokesperson in early 2021. I know that the scandal involving pornography broke out in October of the same year. Although the manufacturer had publicly terminated the partnership at that time, it was Li Yundi who had been in the face for 7 months. “The manufacturer endured it until Yijia, and finally decided to file a lawsuit. The court served a civil ruling and a notice of property preservation in accordance with regulations, and took measures to preserve the property of 3.33 million yuan in the names of Li Yundi and his father, Li Chuan. As early as January this year, the Shanghai Yunchuan Music Studio managed by Li Chuan was fined about 3.43 million Hong Kong dollars.


Li Yundi has been missing for 7 months!


This time, Qu and his father were detained together with tens of millions of children.

It is pointed out that the top management of the manufacturer said that the case has reached a settlement, but the specific details need to be known. And “unaccounted for” is actually an empty concept. It seems that if you don’t listen to the phone or send the information, the court can say “the whereabouts”. Even if the party can be contacted, if the other party does not receive the information, the court will make the The procedures are more standardized, and announcements will be made for this reason. Property preservation is a civil means, that is, freezing the property of the other party to prevent the transfer of property.


However, it is also said that the incident has reached a settlement.


I don’t know where Qu Yi’s family is going.