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Prophets of ruin | Economy


The ones who proclaim themselves more patriots are the ones who show the most catastrophists about the economy. It occurs in the political ranks, full of prophets of ruin. But also among economic agents. The president of the Businessmen's Circle, John de Zulueta – who is not really an entrepreneur, but an executive on behalf of others – has been the hardest. He postulated to hold "third elections" if there was no pact of the PSOE with PP and Citizens. And when he wove it with U-Podemos, he confessed "dismayed" and denied that the agreement led "to a stable government."

The CEOE also wrinkled his nose, but when the Executive broke through, Antonio Garamendi offered him on the 8th "institutional loyalty and sense of state", now ready to "work and help": it is the good thing about the victories, they attract Loyal friends of all life attentive to the opportunity.

From the outside things look different, less militant and more professional. The investment bank par excellence, Goldman Sachs, predicted that the first budget will be a "challenge", and that even being left-wing will lead to fiscal consolidation. And Barclays, which will be in line with the objectives set by the European Commission, although it has doubts about the temptations of "confrontation" of Podemos.

The agencies of rating They have shown concern, but in a minor, discreet tone. S&P described the Government as "fragile" and questioned whether it would meet the deficit objective, but ruled out that it has the effect of making sovereign credit ratings worse. Fitch questioned the duration of the Executive, anticipating that it may sharpen the "cyclical deceleration." And Moody's advised not to reverse the labor reform. As you can see, the least that is dispatched. Neither a movement, nor a fact, nor an indication that their qualifications will get worse, which would undoubtedly occur if they were "dismayed."

On the ultraconservative media-economic front – the political / ideological one is already hallucinatory – it is written of "fiscal axes", of "runaway deficit", of "disturbing program" and that "the best thing that can happen to us is that internal discussions and the indefatigable demands of the independentistas lead us to elections soon. " While the Financial Times (on day 9) spends another tone: "the Government must demonstrate that it is committed to fiscal discipline" and that "pragmatism in power, even with the extreme left as a partner, would help restore political equanimity for which modern Spain was renamed ".

Those who find it hard to sign up for the international cold optics and remain tempted by the torrid domestic aggression, a suggestion, reread point 10.7 of the Coalition Government program. The one that advocates "a responsible fiscal policy, that guarantees the budgetary stability and the reduction of the deficit and the public debt, in a path compatible with the economic growth and the creation of employment, and with adequate levels of social protection". And press to make it happen, instead of continuing to caress the nightmare of a third election.

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