Home News Proposals by 71 LR deputies to reduce territorial inequalities

Proposals by 71 LR deputies to reduce territorial inequalities

Equalization, decentralization, lower taxation: 71 LR MPs make proposals to reduce the inequalities between urban and peripheral territories, which, according to them, have increased since 2017, in a forum published Monday on the site of L'Opinion.

Initiated by Damien Abad, deputy of Ain, vice-president of the Republicans, and signed by 70 of his peers (about a hundred deputies), elected from all regions of France, this forum is a plea for "a peripheral France in doubt, who is afraid of declassification ". It will also be published Tuesday in the daily.

"An acceleration of territorial imbalances has occurred since 2017", "new inequalities" have emerged, "the increase in the CSG and the deindexation of pensions have led to an even greater precariousness of our territories". "After farmers, workers and employees, the planned decline in the standard of living of retirees puts the middle class of our constituencies even more in difficulty," they say.

A few hours ahead of the programmed announcements of President Emmanuel Macron, they make three proposals: "Equalization between metropolitan and peripheral territories", in the name of "territorial solidarity", "decentralization", with in particular a "deconcentration of higher education to the way of Sciences-Po regional campuses "," lower taxation "to" increase local purchasing power ".

"These three proposals aim to strengthen exchanges between our territories and can only be implemented by a fierce fight against public waste," they say.

"To a certain extent, 2019 is not far from 1789," they say. "In yesterday's notebooks of grievances, the inhabitants of the territories of France already asked the King to be made aware of the use of money in order to reduce expenses which weigh heavily on the inhabitants of the countryside. More than two centuries later, to strengthen territorial solidarity, we make the same request to the President of the Republic, "they add.


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