The Prosecutor’s Office of Barcelona has complained against a woman for spreading a video on Twitter that shows alleged migrant minors assaulting a teacher. However, the scene seen in the images really happened in Brazil and not in Spain. The prosecutor of hate crimes in Barcelona now accuses the woman, neighbor of Sant Joan Despí, of injuring “the dignity of people because of discrimination related to the nation or national origin.”

On June 13, 2019, R. M. M. C. posted a message on Twitter accompanied by the video. “I send you a video of an educational center for emigrants [sic] minors who enter illegally in Spain. I beg you to disseminate it so that Spain finds out once and for all how we are grateful that we welcome them. “The images show how a group of students in a classroom shout and throw papers at the teacher, knock down chairs and tables and laugh in a mocking tone.

“I beg you to spread it so that Spain finds out how they thank us for welcoming them,” he wrote

The video had a broad echo on Twitter. In that and many other messages there is always talk that the scene was starring “menas” (migrant minors). Granada was also targeted as a possible place where the events occurred. Various media have already clarified that the events had actually occurred in a school in São Paulo. Prosecutor Miguel Ángel Aguilar adds that “the police investigation has allowed us to verify” that the events actually occurred in Brazil and that therefore “have nothing to do with minors who have emigrated [sic] to Spain”.

The prosecutor accuses the woman of seeking, through a “shocking” message, “to link alleged violence in the classroom with unaccompanied minors who come to Spain.” His objective was not another, he insists, that “to denigrate them, associating them in a generalized way with incivious, violent acts and disrespect to the authority of the teaching staff.” The diffusion of the false video contributes to “awakening or increasing prejudices and stereotypes among the population” against a group “especially vulnerable”, which entails the risk of “generating feelings of rejection and social hostility against them”.

The prosecutor believes that the woman tried to “denigrate” a “vulnerable” group

The investigation starts from a complaint by the Barcelona Syndica de Greuges. The Mossos identified several people who had spread the video in Cuenca, León, Granada and Madrid. The Barcelona prosecutor has transferred his colleagues from those provinces to also investigate the facts. The woman accepted her right not to testify and now faces a complaint for a crime against fundamental rights.


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