Prosecutor’s Office investigates anomalies of the Police and Legal Medicine in the case of businessman Enrique Vives

The case in Colombia in relation to Enrique Vives Caballero, accused of running over seven young people in the early morning of September 13, six of them lost their lives, has a second part that is just beginning.

In power of BLU Radio finds the document with the preliminary investigation that the Attorney General’s Office opened, which seeks to establish the existence of alleged disciplinary offenses related to alleged irregularities in the procedure for the capture and transfer of Enrique Vives Caballero.

The document points out against officials to be determined of the Metropolitan Police of Santa Marta, who have participated in “the police procedure of capture, custody and / or conduct before the competent authority of Mr. Enrique Rafael Vives Caballero”.

The Prosecutor’s Office asks as evidence who were the custodians of Vives Caballero, copies of the books related to the traffic accident, capture, driving and transfers; List of personnel who have participated in the case with extracts from the resumes of those who participated, drivers of the vehicles and bring documents of who ordered the transfers.

The The magnifying glass is also on Legal Medicine: “Verify the steps taken by Forensic Medicine to comply with the judge’s order in the sense of carrying out a medical-legal evaluation of Mr. Vives Caballero,” the document states.

The Attorney General’s Office also will make a special visit to the Santa Marta Prosecutor’s Office in order to obtain the documents that support the procedure carried out by the National Police, related to the urgent acts, the capture, legalization and transfers of Enrique Vives Caballero. It also seeks to establish the reasons why the captured person was not made available within the legal term and the actions taken by the judicial official in order for the capture legalization hearing to take place.

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