The flu-wave begins according to experience in the fall. A vaccine is recommended for certain groups of people such as the elderly and pregnant. Already first influenza-infected in Germany reported. Protection against flu viruses: Hand washing is important 14:03: The vaccine is a good protection influenza. Nevertheless, the right behavior also protects against infection. So proper hand washing is an important routine during the flu season, as germs are on door handles and other items and could be passed on. The Munich Clinic names five steps for proper washing: Keep your hands under the running water. The temperature is not critical for hand hygiene. Soak hands thoroughly, taking into account the backs of hands, fingertips, spaces, thumbs and fingernails. Rub in the soap for about 20 to 30 seconds. Rinse hands under running water. Dry hands thoroughly afterwards , also in the Fingerzwischenräumen.Freitag, 2. November 2018, 10.05 clock: In Munich according to the clinical center of Munich already in October first influenza cases were reported. In general, the flu wave starts in January.The clinic advises vaccination, two weeks later, patients are immune to four influenza virus strains. However, the vaccine is already scarce. Find out more here. The last flu epidemic was according to Robert Koch Institute, the strongest since 2001, this year, it could hit the Germans again hard. This is reported by the Klinikum München. Whereas in the past strong and weak years alternated most of the time, flu epidemics have become more and more frequent in the recent past. Background: How to recognize flu Influenza comes suddenly – and with a strong malady. Symptoms: body aches, cold sores, chills and high fever. The patient feels miserable, weak and powerless and has to bed at least one week. A clear diagnosis requires a blood test. Because the flu is only triggered by influenza viruses. A flu infection, on the other hand, can have a variety of triggers.Read this also: Best vaccination time in October – Too few Germans can be vaccinated: For whom the flu protection is important


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