Protection Bonus: Review the requirements to receive the benefit for homeowners

He Protection Bonus It is one of the benefits granted by the Government to the most vulnerable sectors of the country, but with special priority to women who are homeowners.

This benefit is given to the participants of the Chile Seguridad y Oportunidades program, and no application required but it does have exclusive requirements.

The main condition that the beneficiary must meet to access the Voucher is to be part of the program by signing the Letter of Commitment and the Intervention Plan, which immediately manages the payment of the benefit in the modality that the person chooses.

Who can collect the Protection Bonus?

This benefit is granted to families from the most vulnerable sectors, but in the order of priority of beneficiaries it is women who come first.

According to the characteristics of the bond, women who are housewives or mothers of children with some type of disability will have priority when collecting this benefit.

Women over 18 years of age who have the function of head of household or housewife can also access the Protection Bonus

If there are no women in the household who meet the priorities, the bonus will be paid to the man over 18 who is the head of the household.

What is the amount of the 2020 Protection Bonus?

The monthly amount to be paid per household or user, varies according to each delivery and decreases over time.

  • The first 6 months the bonus amounts to $ 17,970.
  • From month 7 to month 12, the bonus is $ 13,676.
  • From month 13 to month 18 the bonus is $ 9,402.
  • From month 19 to 24 the bonus is $ 13,155 (value corresponds to SUF amount).

These values ​​are readjusted on February 1 of each year, at 100% of the variation in the Consumer Price Index (CPI) of the previous year.

How is the bonus collected?

The beneficiaries of Protection Bonus They can choose three payment methods:

  • Deposit in bank account.
  • Los Héroes Compensation Fund Withdrawal
  • Withdrawal from BancoEstado branches.

Those who prefer the deposit option, if they do not have a bank account, the Ministry of Social Development will open a Rut Account of Banco Estado, for which they will have an additional monthly subsidy of $ 700 to make money transfers and issue cards.

For payment in person, the beneficiaries must go personally to one of the branches with their identity card and complete the procedure. For them, the term to collect their money is six months.

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