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The main Bolivian cities remained yesterday partially blocked in rejection of the nomination to a fourth successive term of the President Evo Morales, in power since 2006, while human rights activists launched calls for civil disobedience.

Groups of activists blocked streets and avenues with Bolivian flags and banners with the caption "Bolivia He said No "- referring to the 2016 referendum in which Morales was re-consulted – interrupting vehicle traffic in eight of the ten largest cities, despite which the commerce and banking continued with their usual work.

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The Ministry of Government (Interior) estimated that some 5,000 activists participate in the blockades.

The opposition to Morales increased in tone, after the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) will authorize the president on Tuesday for the January primary elections, the prelude to the general elections of October 2019.

In the absence of the municipal transport service in Peace, which stopped by order of the opposition mayor Luis Revilla, and the irregular circulation of taxis and buses, thousands of people lined up at the cable car station in the exclusive southern area to be transported to the center of the city.

Television images showed that the protests were more forceful and massive in Santa Cruz, in the east of the country, whose governor, Rubén Costas, leads the opposition to Morales.

The Ministers of Government (Interior), Carlos Romero, and the Presidency, Alfredo Rada, minimized the blockades and even pointed out that the country is working normally. "The results are not what their organizers were looking for," said Rada, while Romero declared that "the situation in the country is normal; in any case we want to celebrate the vocation of work of the population ".

In parallel, three prominent activists from human rights They agreed to call "civil disobedience". "There is no independence of powers and the people are totally defenseless. From now on, the legitimate right to rebellion and civil disobedience emerges, "affirmed former People's Defender Waldo Albarracín.

Rolando Villena, also ex-Defender of the People, affirmed that if Morales "does not respect the popular vote, the people are entitled to have all the mechanisms at their disposal so that, through civil disobedience, they rebel peacefully."



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