Protest against shift to the right – lawyer resigns AfD mandate – domestic politics

Die AfD tip need to find a new lawyer.

At the last party conference, lawyer Joachim Steinhöfel (59) resigned his mandate because several representatives of the far-right “wing” were elected to the AfD executive board.

Steinhöfel had previously represented the AfD leadership in the party exclusion process against the Brandenburg right-winger Andreas Kalbitz (49).

“Against the background of the current federal party congress and the statements made there, I got the impression that a majority of the members of the newly elected federal executive board are at least cautious about this exclusion or would even like to reverse it,” writes Steinhöfel in a two-page letter to the party leader Tino Chrupalla (47) and Alice Weidel (43), who is available to BILD.

“I am not available for such endeavors and therefore hereby resign my mandate.”

Despite his departure, Kalbitz’s attempt to challenge his exclusion was “without any chance of success,” Steinhöfel told BILD.

The background to the exclusion process is the allegation by the AfD board that Kalbitz concealed previous memberships in right-wing extremist organizations when he joined the party.

His name appears, for example, on lists of the so-called “German youth loyal to their homeland”. Kalbitz denies membership and rejects the allegations.

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