Protest in Milan against the exploitation of the Holocaust of no green passes

The controversy against the no green passes that demonstrated in Novara disguised as the deportees in concentration camps is not extinguished. In Milan, 400 people took part in a meeting in front of the Memorial of the Shoah in Milan held against the exploitation of the Holocaust in the no vax processions. The demonstration began shortly after 6pm and lasted an hour and a quarter.

Among those present were the Lombard governor Attilio Fontana, the Milanese councilor Tommaso Sacchi representing the council, the deputy Emanuele Fiano and the president of the Milanese Jewish community Milo Hasbani. “Enough with the yellow stars, the striped shirts of the prisoners in the camps and the symbols of Auschwitz used by the no green passes. We do not accept comparisons between the treatments against the virus and the extermination of people”, was reiterated by several participants. At the same time, “greater attention from politics to the resurgence of fascism” was called for.

The no green pass event in Novara

About 150 people marched for the fifteenth consecutive Saturday afternoon to protest against the introduction of the green pass. The demonstrators in Novara, however, had chosen to do so with white and gray vertical striped bibs, a clear allusion to the uniforms of inmates in Nazi concentration camps. At the opening and closing of the march, the demonstrators held a rope that resembled barbed wire, a further reference to the concentration camps. According to one of their theories, in fact, the green pass violates personal freedom and, therefore, the comparison with the Holocaust would be legitimate. After the meeting in Piazza Duomo in Novara, the procession marched in front of the Municipality and then in Corso Cavour, and then returned to Piazza Duomo, where there were some interventions.

On the matter, the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza said: “I have seen images in the last few hours that have shocked me, demonstrations that recall concentration camps are beyond all grace of God”. Speaking of “health dictatorship”, he added, means using an “improper word that must be used with caution”.



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