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Protester mocking Rees-Mogg's children who were SHAMED as a "harmful" stunt by CONDEMN's own daughter

Josephine Bone has severely condemned her father Ian Bone's actions and denounced him for having no real political beliefs and only loving the confrontation.

Ms. Bone, a mother of two, told The Mail Sunday that Mr. Bone, 71, had made a "hobby" of the "uproar."

The 47-year-old said, "He should just stay home and put on his slippers, he does not listen to me, but I had to make it clear that this kind of activity is something I could never support.

"He sure knows what I think and he has apologized.

"If he wants to call MPs on street corners, OK, but if their kids are brought in, that's totally different."

In public, Mr Bone said defiantly that he did not regret maltreating his Conservative Member, Mr Rees-Mogg, his family and nanny outside her home in Westminster.

His daughter, a senior executive in a global corporation, said Mr. Bone is an unprincipled rebel who loves a fight.

Ms. Bone said, "I do not even know what his political views are, except for the uproar and screams of people he sees as Toffs, it's like a hobby for him.

jacob rees mogg ian bone activist police

Ian Bone, a class struggle activist who turned to Jacob Rees-Mogg's children, was ashamed of his daughter (Image: GettyImages)

"He enjoys the confrontation, he lives it absolutely, he loves advertising in particular.

"There may be a real case sometimes, and with all its screaming, it has not really been harmful yet, but this time it was certainly detrimental."

Most damned woman Bone revealed that her class-mate activist father made little effort to connect with her or his other children.

Ms. Bone said, "My mother brought us all to Newcastle and he stayed in South Wales, I do not think the relationship between her and my dad was very good, but in truth I just do not know, you have been in over 40 years Years apart.

jacob rees mogg ian bones

Jacob Rees-Mogg said he will not be too happy about the protest (Image: IAN BONE)

Ian bone class war face

Ian Bone's daughter has accused him of ignoring his own children (Image: SR / EXPRESS SYNDICATION)

"He used to be in my house, but we do not hang around, I just know what he did when he hit the headlines."

She said that although she had estranged herself from her father, she had tried to maintain a relationship with him because "in spite of everything he does, he is my father."

Commentators on both sides of the political spectrum have come together to condemn Mr Bone for bringing the innocent children of Rees-Mogg into an aggressive debate.

At the head of a small group of activists, he mocked the worried sons of Mr. Rees-Mogg while her father kept the activists in check.

Ian Bones Class War Activist Blue Hair

Ian Bone has stated publicly that he does not regret attacking the children of Ress-Mogg (Image: Zuma Press / PA Images)

Mr Bone was filmed and yelled, "Your daddy is a terrible person, a lot of people do not like your dad, you know that, he probably did not tell you that, many people hate him."

The videos and photos leaked online about this shameful behavior are too painful for Ms. Bone, she said.

He praised the old Etonian Mr. Rees-Mogg for his dignified response and said that her father's actions only undermined every cause he spoke out for.

Ms. Bone said, "Fortunately, Mr. Rees-Mogg seemed quite optimistic and fair.

"Apart from the obvious fact that my father's actions were completely unacceptable, what on earth was the point?

Jacob Rees Mogg Ian Bone Demonstrator

Class war activist Ian Bone's daughter says he's just a rebel who loves confrontation (Image: SR / EXPRESS SYNDICATION)

"All he has done is increase the support and sympathy for Mr. Rees-Mogg in public, it's just a big own goal.

"He was a total idiot, it was a silly thing to do, but hopefully it will be forgotten and he will make other choices in the future."

Mr. Bone admitted to the Mail on Sunday that he had been an absent father who "seldom" saw his children.

He told reporters at his £ 400,000 house in South London that he shares with his longtime partner Jane that his daughter had told him sternly.

Mr. Bone said, "She was not a happy bird, she gave me a right."


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