Protesters delay the debate in Toronto involving Bannon

Protesters delay the debate in Toronto involving Bannon

TORONTO – Police arrested several arrests as protesters delayed the start of a debate in Toronto with former White House strategist Steve Bannon.

The Toronto police tweeted on Friday, there were "several arrests," but no injuries were reported. Bannon was interrupted by a demonstrator during his opening speech to the Munk debate with conservative commentator David Frum.

The Canadian crowd laughed Bannon several times, even as Bannon said he has not yet seen a bad decision by President Donald Trump.

When Bannon called a harsh audience, a viewer answered "no, smart".

Bannon says the weeklies will be a critical test for the movement next week, but says they are in the first inning. He believes the Republicans will hold the Senate, but it will be a dogfight for the House.

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