Proud princess – test. Do you know the announcements and the story of the film?

Between Krasomila, played by Alena Vránová, and King Miroslav, respectively Vladimír Ráž, things sparkled on the screen and on the set. The fairy tale The Proud Princess celebrates its 70th anniversary this year, yet thousands of viewers watch it every year at Christmas. Try the quiz and find out if you know both the plot and the circumstances of the filming of the fairy tale.

1. What is the name of the fairy tale written by Božena Němcová, based on which the Proud Princess is filmed?
2. King Miroslav changed into the clothes of a poor craftsman for the sake of the princess. The image change took place in a house owned by…
3. Who directed the fairy tale The Proud Princess? We advise you that he has hits such as Angel on the mountains or Crazy sad princess.
4. Miroslav grew a flower for Krasomila, which had an unusual ability for a plant. Which one?
5. The proud princess was filmed in several tourist attractive places in the Czech Republic. Which of the following did not appear in the film?
6. What is the name of the kingdom where Princess Krasomila lives with her father, the old king?
7. At the time the fairy tale was filmed, Alena Vránová was not called Vránová, but had the surname of her husband at the time. This was the writer:
8. What musical instrument does Miroslav, disguised as a gardener, teach Princess Krasomila to play?
9. Do you recognize the message that sounded in the fairy tale?
10. Will you know the name of probably the most famous song that the actors sing in the fairy tale?

So, have you checked all the answers? If so, evaluate the test.