Proust, Prix Goncourt by Thierry Laget: the story of a literary riot

CRITIQUE – Low blows, shenanigans, manipulations… we find in this story all the ingredients of the thriller.

The title is Proust, Goncourt Prize. But it’s the subtitle that best explains this superb investigation: A literary riot. A quick reminder: before the Goncourt prize awarded to Proust for In the shade of the maidens in bloomon December 10, 1919, the five crowned novels the previous years all evoked the First World War.

We understand better the feat of the author of the research, but also the audacity of the Goncourt Academy which knew that it was going against the grain of public opinion. Thierry Laget, who had contributed to the edition ofIn Search of Lost Time in the “Pléiade”, immersed himself in the moment when Proust was awarded the Goncourt prize against Roland Dorgelès, author of wooden cross… It’s really the story of“a literary riot”.

Excavated, documented, this story reads like a thriller. We find all the ingredients there: low blows, shenanigans, manipulations, oppositions, main characters with strong characters, supporting roles…

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