Providers confirm their expansion plans for the LTE anniversary

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The first LTE frequencies were auctioned on May 20, 2010 for just under EUR 4.4 billion.

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Berlin On the tenth anniversary of the auction of LTE mobile radio frequencies in Germany in May 2010, the mobile phone providers have specified their expansion plans. In a conversation with the German press agency, the head of Vodafone Germany, Hannes Ametsreiter, admitted that the network in Germany is “not yet perfect”. “We still have to get better. We have already massively improved. “

In Germany, the momentum of improvement is currently strongest among comparable countries. “We are expanding massively. We now have more than 21,000 LTE stations on the network. ”In 2019 alone, Vodafone had 8000 LTE construction projects. “We have already completed 3000 construction projects this year. And another 6,000 will follow by the end of the financial year. “

Telekom said its LTE network already reached more than 98 percent of households nationwide. Telekom had thus fulfilled the license requirements of the Federal Network Agency. In some areas of Germany, but also along federal highways or main rail routes, there are still gaps in supply. “Here we have been trying to obtain the relevant permits for the construction of mobile radio systems for a very long time, but we are not getting them because this is contradicted by structural, legal or private law regulations.” To further improve the coverage, Telekom is setting up around 2,000 new transmission towers every year in Germany, also this year.

Telefónica announced that it would build or expand at least 7600 mobile phone locations this year, which the Federal Network Agency calculated would be necessary to meet the requirements. In addition to the LTE densification in the urban areas, this also further strengthens the LTE supply in the countryside.

The first LTE frequencies were auctioned off to Deutsche Telekom, Vodafone, O2 and E-Plus on May 20, 2010 for just under EUR 4.4 billion.

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