Province signed loans with the IDB to finance health and road safety

This Thursday morning, the governor of the province of Buenos Aires, Axel Kicillofthe Minister of Treasury and Finance of Buenos Aires, Paul Lopezand the Minister of Economy of the Nation, Serge Massasigned an agreement for two loans of 500 million dollars with the Inter-American Development Bank (BID).

This investment is intended for the development of road health and safety programs on Buenos Aires soil. On behalf of the IDB, it signed the agreement Denise Obarathe Head of Operations in Argentina.

About it, López indicated: “Since the beginning of our administration we have maintained a responsible financing policy in which we prioritize International Credit Organizations”.

“In that sense, the Inter-American Development Bank is very important for the Provincenot only because it is one of our main financing bodies, but also because of the important support granted during 2020 through a line of credit that allowed us to successfully face the COVID-19 pandemic. Covid 19which is already fully executed, and of which the contract we signed today is the second operation”, he added.

In turn, the Minister of Finance stated: “We are very grateful for the accompaniment of the National government and the IDB, in this case to continue advancing in infrastructure works such as the construction of 52 new Primary Care Centersor the rehabilitation of 146 kilometers of the Provincial Route 2which will allow us to further strengthen the health system and road safety of the Province, and thus generate an improvement in the quality of life of the people of Buenos Aires”.

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The first of the agreements corresponds to a total of 300 million dollars over a period of 4 years, and which will go to Program for the Strengthening and Integration of Health Networks in the province of Buenos Aires (TESTED II). Through it, 52 Primary Care Centers will be built (CAPS) inside the Province, seven Community Mental Health Centers and two Provincial Residential Unitswhich will directly benefit 6.6 million people from Buenos Aires.

On the other hand, the second agreement is for 200 million dollars, with an execution term of 5 years for the Road Safety Programfor tasks such as roadway duplication, construction of paved shoulders, bike paths, safe crossings, lighting and signage.

Likewise, this program contemplates the rehabilitation of 146 km of the RP2; the resurfacing of road and shoulders of the RP 205; the expansion of the RP 1003; the widening of the roads RP 88 and of the RP 36. These works will benefit 6.5 million people.