Provisional Lists of Parties for Municipal Elections in Guadalajara: Falange, PACMA, and Independent Parties Presented

Highlights: Falange presents itself in Marchamalo, PACMA in the capital, and there are numerous independent parties

The elections will be on May 28.

He Official Gazette of the Province publishes today the provisional lists of the parties that are presented to the municipal elections of 28 M. Some lists that show a large number of independent parties created, generally, by people who have been active in other parties. This is the case of PP (Purificación Tortuero), PSOE (Luis Padrino), Cs or Podemos (Vanesa Sánchez).

Municipalities with more than 5,000 inhabitants

The electors of capital Guadalajara They will be able to choose between seven different parties ahead of the municipal elections on May 28. The candidacies presented are PSOE, PP, Vox, Cs, Unidas Podemos, Aike and the PACMA animalist party. This formation has only presented a candidacy in Guadalajara capital.

In Pomegranate sugarcane PP, PSOE, Vox, United (UNIDAS-PODEMOS-IZQUIERDA UNIDA) (UNIDAS-PODEMOS-IU-AV), Contigo and Hablamos have presented themselves. Highlight that the number 1 of the party we are talking about is Silvia Garcia Nieto, a former CS militant who already in the last legislature presented himself for another party, in this case it was for Ciudadanos por Guadalajara that did not obtain representation. Now repeat with this new match.

In Alovera Six parties are presented: PSOE, PP, VOX, Cs, United and Alternative for Alovera led by Purificación Tortuero and who has governed this legislature.

In marrying PSOE, PP, VOX, Cs, United and the Contigo party, a group led by Javier Bule Biedma who was a councilor for Cs.

In Cabanillas PSOE, PP, VOX, Cs and United are presented.

In Marchamalo PSOE, PP, VOX, United and Phalanx.

In Torrejon del Rey Five parties compete: PSOE, PP, VOX, With you and Hablamos.

In Villanueva de la Torre seven groups: PP, PSOE, Vox, CS, United, Union of Independent Citizens and A tu lado Villanueva, led by Vanesa Sánchez Rebollo who ran for Podemos in the previous elections.

The most striking of the lists

Spanish Falange has presented its candidacy in Marchamalo. It is the only municipality where it has been presented. Heading the list is Hermés González González, who was already a Marchamalo councilor for UPYD.

ARGA (Rural Group of Open Guadalajara) is presented in ten municipalities: Bananas, Atanzon, Budia, Malaguilla, Valderrebollo, Chequilla, Poveda of the Sierra, Fennel, Setiles and Manned.

GRIAL is an independent group that meets in Albalate de Zorita.

– He party we talk It is presented in Torrejón del Rey, in Almoguera (with Luis Padrino), in Albalate de Zorita, in Azuqueca, in El Cardoso de la Sierra, in Orea, in Rueda de la Sierra, Tortuera, Milmarcos and Cantalojas.

With youof which Yolanda Ramírez (formerly of Cs) is a part, performs in Azuqueca, Casas de San Galindo, El Casar, Torrejón del Rey and in Uceda.

– In Trillo presents itself again the group of voters of Trillo and districts (AETYP) who is currently part of the government team.

– There’s also independent parties in Alovera with Alternativa Alovera (which is currently part of the government team led by Purificación Tortuero), in mill of aragon with IPM (Association of Independent Voters of Molina), in Valdenuno Fernandez, in Villanueva de la Torre, in Milmarcos, in Viana de Jadraque and in the EATIM of Bochones.

PACMAthe animalist party, is presented only in the capital Guadalajara.

You can consult the candidacies of your town or municipality here:

Applications from the Molina area

Applications from the Guadalajara area

Applications from the Sigüenza area

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