Pruksa highlighted the Year of Value strategy, targeting 32 billion incomes, revealing this year, paying a dividend of 96 satang / share.

flora” Raise a strategy A Year of Value aims to achieve 32 billion incomes, revealing this year, paying dividends 96 satang / share

Mr. Piyaprayong, Chief Executive Officer, Pruksa Real Estate Public Company Limited Revealed that the real estate market trend in 2021 still has many factors that need to be monitored. Both economic Export and tourism sectors Especially the COVID-19 factor Both at home and abroad Including the provision of the vaccine thoroughly that would be an important factor. But still believe that the overall market this year will be 9% better than the previous year, targeting 2021 sales and revenue of 32 billion baht, growth from the previous year by 45% and 9%, respectively. Total 29 projects worth 26,630 million baht, divided into 17 townhouses, 8 detached houses, and 4 condominiums, with a strategy “A Year of Value” to understand in-depth customer needs. Ready to present and deliver products that meet customer needs Not just a place to stay But also have other values That meet the needs of various customers such as restaurants, lifestyle malls And most importantly, in collaboration with Wimut Hospital Which is a business in the Pruksa group Open a health care center It consists of clinics, physical centers, care centers and nursing care for the elderly. Including providing home health care services in the Pruksa project To create a livable community and fulfill the lifestyles of customers

Mr. Piya said In terms of performance in 2020, the company achieved sales of 21,968 million baht, revenue of 29,244 million baht and net profit of 2,771 million baht, launched a total of 13 projects worth 15,756 million, with a high value backlog. To 21,940 million baht by reducing inventories to (Inventory) 41% from the end of 2019, especially in the fourth quarter using price strategy combined with Hero Projects by spending Market to projects with high potential. As a result, the revenue in the fourth quarter was valued at 9,584 million baht, a 51% increase from the third quarter, with sales of 5,807 million baht, a 409% growth compared to the same quarter sales in 2019.

“From the success of the past quarter Resulting in early this year Pruksa continues to use pricing and promotion strategies. Releasing the campaign in the first quarter “PRUKSA FREE FEST” free giveaway exhibition offers up to 36 months of free stay or 0% interest free for up to 36 months or free commissions up to 36 months (conditions as specified by each project) for customers who book and transfer addresses Residing within March 31 only, where Pruksa is responsible for all expenses in this respect to customers Which has a townhouse project More than 1 thousand units of single-family houses and condominiums participated in the campaign nationwide, totaling 3,377 million baht and believed that this campaign stimulated the decision. And helps alleviate worries for people who want to have a good home In addition, the government measures that extend the period to reduce transfer and mortgage fees to 0.01%, which is an additional profit for customers. However, if the government has expanded the ceiling to house the price of 3-5 million baht with such measures, it should stimulate the real estate sector And help Thai people who want to have more houses, “said Piya. With the results of the past year, the Company has resolved to pay a dividend for the year 2020 at the rate of 0.96 baht per share by paying an interim dividend at the rate of 0.31 baht per share, thus remaining dividend payment for this round at the rate of 0.65 per share. Which will be presented for approval at the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders in April 2021

Dr. Kritawit Lertutsakul, MD. Chief Executive Officer, Vimut Holding Public Company Limited Revealing the progress of the business of Wimut Phaholyothin Hospital that “ready to open for service in May 2021” by Wimut Phaholyothin Hospital, located in Bangkok’s business district on an area of ​​4 rai on Phaholyothin Road. Next to Saphan Kwai intersection It is a tertiary care hospital that can treat severe disease. And complex has 18 floors, number of 236 beds designed according to international standards. Can be maintained on the spot with technology And modern tools With accessible costs There are specialized centers which are the heart bone center, the comprehensive diabetes center and the setting up of the geriatric center to meet the needs of aging society. It also focuses on NCDs (NCDs), which have a high statistics of illness and tendency to increase rapidly, with family medicine doctors holistically taking care of family members. Illness To prepare patients before returning home as well as opening Nursing Home in the hospital

“For the growth and advancement of the hospital business Recently, Wimut Hospital has invested in Theptarin Hospital on Rama IV Road, a well-known hospital specializing in diabetes and endocrinology for more than 36 years. And knowledge comes Develop a complete diabetes center for excellence As well as expanding the protection and care to society to be more extensive, “said Dr. Kritawit.

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