Prusa Research buys American retailer and manufacturer of 3D components Printed Solid

Autor: Prusa Research

The Czech 3D printing company Prusa Research buys an American seller in this field Printed Solid. The deal comes shortly after rivals Průši and 3D printer manufacturers Ultimaker and MakerBot merge.

Printed Solid started in 2013, starting as a seller of materials and components for 3D printing. After three years, she bought Ranlaser and began selling her own security covers to 3D printers. She is also developing her own brand of Jessie FDM filaments. The company will continue with these activities, as well as with the sale of third-party products.

Thanks to this step, Prusa Research acquires a reseller who will enable the Czech company to further expand on the American market.

Printed Solid is an exclusive partner of Prusa Research for sales, support and training in the education, government and enterprise sectors. Under the leadership of the current director David Randolph will be the exclusive reseller and provider of original Prusa Research services in the United States.

“With the planned expansion of operations and headquarters in 2022, customers can expect more Original Prusa products to be offered not only to business, government and education customers, but also direct sales, support and consumer training. By the fourth quarter of 2022, Printed Solid will acquire additional storage facilities, operating facilities and employees, ”inform the companies.

“Business, education and government customers will have a team of highly qualified 3D-based 3D printing professionals to help deploy genuine Prusa hardware at the enterprise level with training and support in larger environments.”

In 2020, Průša had sales of over two billion crowns with a profit after tax of over 270 million crowns. Josef Průša a Ondřej Průša holds a 42.5 percent stake in the company, Michal Průša has 15 percent.

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Prusa Research also recently launched the project, which competes with websites such as Thingiverse with a database of things for 3D printing.

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