PS: Olivier Faure places his support


Sunday, the National Council of the Socialist Party approved the composition of the management team , presented by Olivier Faure. The first secretary of the party and his 24 national secretaries are responsible for a heavy burden: to raise a party on the ground. While the PS has chained the electoral defeats, the number of its inset militants continues to decline. Disappointment following the five-year Francois Hollande , loss of bearings, departure from Benoît Hamon … The causes of the Party’s loss of popularity are numerous. The congress of Aubervilliers only counted 35 000 voters, against 71 000 in 2015, and 140 000 in 2008. A haemorrhage all the more serious as more than, this year, activists had the opportunity to vote online, from home. At the end of his term, Olivier Faure, who has only one watchword: refoundation, hope to get back to the party its lost place on the political chessboard , that of the first force of the left.
To achieve this, he surrounded himself with a small team, which includes most of his supporters and his relatives, starting with the “band of quadras” and socialist parliamentarians. Boris Vallaud, Ericka Bareigts, Matthias Fekl, Christine Pires-Beaune and Dominique Potier are promoted to national secretaries. Olivier Faure also rewards his support during the campaign, as well as personalities from the support group “Long live Social Democracy”, with Corinne Narassiguin at the coordination of the share. Or the members of the “Manifesto of the Territories”, some of whom inherit a position of responsibility, as Sebastien Denaja , secretary of “citizen democracy, freedoms, justice and institutions”, or Gabrielle Sinry “training and renewal”. Some supporters of Martine Aubry , who has given his support to Olivier Faure, are also part of the lot, with Jean-Marc Germain in charge of school and education, or Stéphane Troussel on new solidarities and social innovations.
If Olivier Faure has chosen to drastically reduce the number of national secretaries – 24 against 80 in the previous direction – he has not made the choice of a representative leadership of the different movements of the party. None of the former leadership contestants have a place or support . Emmanuel Maurel is content to note it lapidarily. “He has chosen a homogeneous secretariat, only members of his motion participate. It’s his choice, we’ll see what it gives. “Luc Carvounas is less lenient:” My friends and I will help loyally, ensures the former candidate. I regret that Olivier Faure, who speaks of a rally, did not want to do it in his direction and that he remained within the scope of his only support. This is not a nice signal for our activists. “


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