PS Plus November 2021 officially. Here is the full range of games

PlayStation officially revealed the PS Plus offer in November 2021. As part of it, we will be able to pick up some interesting productions.

Here are the titles we will win as part of PS Plus for November:

  • Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning (PS4)
  • First Class Trouble (PS5 i PS4)
  • Knockout City (PS5 i PS4)
  • The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners (PlayStation VR)
  • The Persistence (PlayStation VR)
  • Until You Fall (PlayStation VR)

PlayStation will release the above productions on November 2 and we will add them to our in-game libraries by December 7.

The biggest star of the PS Plus offer for November 2021 is definitely Kingdom of Amalur: Re-Reckoning. This is a refreshed edition of the RPG game from 2012, which was warmly received by critics and players.

First Class Trouble is a multiplayer game in which players have to complete tasks together in adverse circumstances, and there is also a mysterious traitor in the shadows. This title is an ideal candidate to play with friends.

It will also go to the Plusowiczs Knockout City. The game released under the wings of Electronic Arts is something like a multiplayer “shooter” in which players take on the role of players of an unusual dodgeball.

The bonus also includes three games that only PSVR owners will play. Nice addition, good that it was added next to it, not instead of the main attractions from November Plus. After all, not every PS4 or PS5 owner has VR goggles. It does not change the fact that the owners of such equipment can win more titles to play, which should undoubtedly please them.

So yesterday’s leak is officially confirmed. This is another news from his source that was confirmed in reality.