PS5: Sony invests hundreds of millions in its exclusives for “multiple platforms”

News business PS5: Sony invests hundreds of millions in its exclusives for “multiple platforms”

Published on 05/11/2022 at 16:42

Even if Microsoft’s portfolio is incomparable, Sony is not pretending either when it comes to investing here and there: the company is thus preparing to drop a very nice sum in its own studios, in order to strengthen its exclusives.

another $300 million

It was during a very recent appel with investors that the news broke. Sony does intend to consolidate PlayStation Studios and to do this, it does not hesitate to release many greenbacks. In this case, we are talking about 300 million reinjected directly into its own firms, so as to strengthen its exclusive offer.

We plan to increase spending on software development aimed at bolstering our existing studios’ first-party software by approximately 40 billion yen (US$308 million).

Going forward, we aim to grow our gaming business by strengthening our first-party business and rolling out this business across multiple platforms.

Several platforms concerned… but which ones?

Inevitably, a very special mention holds the attention: it is a question of releasing first-party games, therefore from its own studios, on “multiple platforms”. It is absolutely not specified which ones, but we can imagine that it is a question of the PlayStation 5 and always of the PlayStation 4… and perhaps other supports? Impossible not to think of the PC, a new market for Sony, which has also bought a company, Nixxes, solely with the aim of offering new ports.

We can also mention the mobile, for which Sony has great ambitions. In general, Sony has never hidden its intention to get involved in some of these major trends, like the game service since it plans to release ten of them by 2026: Sony has elsewhere recently invested heavily in Accelbyte, a company specializing in this area. Not to mention the large sum of money planned for the acquisition of other studios…

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