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PSB is diversifying its training offer and launching new masters in connection with the unprecedented challenges facing companies in this atypical period. Its main objective? Respond to market needs in the fields of health and engineering.

The current pandemic that we are going through has brought out problems that we were not confronted with before. It is with this in mind that the Grandes Écoles have started to develop their training offer, thus adapting to the challenges of a constantly changing world. If health is one of the crucial societal issues highlighted by the health crisis, PSB is launching training specifically dedicated to this sector, with its Master in Health and Care Management. Other training courses are also offered for the start of the 2021 school year.

The new Masters launched by PSB

Master Health & Care Management

This training is intended for managers whose objective is to develop their strategic and operational management skills within a healthcare establishment and to understand the functioning of a rapidly changing sector. It is also an opportunity for them to strengthen their human and interpersonal skills, an essential aspect in this field.

The training takes place over two years. In Master 1, the student will discover all the fundamental part in relation to the management of healthcare establishments. In Master 2 comes the specialization, either in reception and support in care establishments or in care and services at home.

Master in Strategy & Commercial Engineering

This training prepares operational managers to act effectively in their market environment thanks to an optimal understanding of the challenges related to the sales space. They will thus be able to put in place a service strategy designed on the basis of market studies and a highly digital universe. At the end of this master’s degree, managers will be able to make a complete and detailed diagnosis of the market, to identify opportunities and optimize their understanding of digital challenges.

Master Marketing Insights & Data Analytics

This training is the result of the merger of the Master in Marketing Strategy & Data Analytics and the Master in Marketing and Commercial Strategies. Its objective is to ensure a sustainable professional integration of students and to train them in the challenges related to the rise of data.

Students will thus be equipped to face a sluggish labor market and meet the needs of companies in this period of crisis, where the key word is adaptability.

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