PSG – Gueye and the rainbow jersey affair: after the embarrassment, what way out of the crisis?

Gana Gueye was probably not expecting such a tsunami. For having refused to play in Montpellier and to join the day of fight against homophobia organized by the LFP, when he was present in the Parisian group, the Senegalese mentioned “personal reasons“namely religious convictions. Since then, the Gueye affair, for that is what it should be called today, has taken on proportions that he had not imagined. The associative world has risen against Gueye’s decision and demanded sanctions.

More annoying for PSG, the affair took a political turn after Valérie Pécresse’s tweet: “A refusal by Idrissa Gueye to join the fight against homophobia could not remain without sanction “, Writes the candidate for the last presidential election. The pressure is strong around a club that would have done well without such a ramdam at the end of the season. While Paris has fought against all forms of discrimination l One of his mantras, this episode comes to tarnish his image and we know how much the influence of the PSG brand worries Qatar.

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Weakened institution

It also comes to weaken the authority of the Parisian institution undermined by one of its employees who purely and simply refused to work. Even if the French champions quickly broke away from their midfield, it’s hard to believe they won’t go further. What are the options available to PSG? Beyond taking away his ethics bonus, it seems difficult to imagine the club sanctioning the player, who could then find himself in a complex legal situation in terms of labor law.

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In France, an employer cannot refuse an employee to have a religious belief and any sanction vis-à-vis it would be illegal. Even if religion cannot be a pretext for refusing to perform tasks for which the employee was hired. In short, the file is not easy to manage. But this case initially strained relations between the player and his club. Mauricio Pochettino thus refused to cover Gueye in a press conference, declaring that he was not injured.

More than a year of contract

Last season, Gueye had already passed his turn during the day of the fight against homophobia for, officially, gastroenteritis. According to L’Equipe, the communication of PSG would not have pleased the clan of the former Lille. By putting himself aside, Gueye finds himself in a very uncomfortable position one year from the end of his contract. The tsunami he triggered could push him to find a way out this summer and take him away from Paris-Saint-Germain.

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