PSG: Marquinhos retains teamwork – Ligue 1

It’s on a deliverance from Kylian Mbappé in the 93rd minute, PSG managed to beat Stade Rennais (1-0) and bring down Bruno Génésio. A snatched victory on which came back at the end of the match marquinhos the captain who wanted to salute his striker but also the teamwork.

“It’s true, it was hard to open the scoring today. We wanted to put in the commitment from the start in order to unlock this game, but we couldn’t do it. I think the Rennes team defended very well and gave us very little space. You know, even if we had the ball, it’s still very difficult to find those spaces. We created chances but didn’t know score before this goal at the end of the match. He gives us this victory” he said at the microphone of Prime Video.

“Kylian is a player who makes the difference in front of goal. In these kinds of matches, when he manages to score, it helps us a lot. It’s very important to have players with this quality, this tranquility in front of goal. I think it was a lot of teamwork too. We managed to get the ball back, Messi found Kylian in the right space in the box. And there it was very difficult, but he knew to mark” he added.