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PSG: Neymar's father reveals discussions for a contract extension – Transfers

While his name continues to be associated with Real Madrid, the Brazilian star PSG negotiate a contract extension according to his father and agent.

Neymar on the start next summer after two seasons spoiled by injuries and two failures in the 8th finals of the Champions League? PSG fans can rest assured that Neymar Sr. is not planning for the program.

"He's always among the names that matter. As soon as there is a big transfer, we talk about him »

Neymar Sr

In a long interview given to the site of the Brazilian daily UOL, the father and agent of the Brazilian star came back on the incessant rumors of transfer about his son. Especially from Spain where his name is regularly associated with that of Real Madrid for over a year. And to tell the truth, he would almost like it. "People say," Neymar is in all the rumors of transfer to big clubs at every transfer window. " That means there is good management of his career, he slips. He is always among the names that matter. As soon as there is a big transfer, we talk about him. Thank God. But that does not mean he's going to go to one club or another. "

"The probability that he will not leave is very great"

Neymar Sr

In this regard, Neymar Sr. clearly suggests that a departure from PSG at the end of the season is not relevant. He goes even further by announcing talks for an extension of contract. "There has been speculation about him since he was 17, since becoming a professional. Neymar has had two transfers in his life but there has been speculation about him for 10 years, he recalls. The probability that he does not leave is very great. He is in his second year of contract. This means that he still has three years left and we are already talking about an extension with Paris Saint-Germain ".

Wounded since January 23rd at the right foot and very close to a return to the competition, the number 10 in Paris is under contract with the PSG until 2022. Its gross monthly salary is estimated at 3.06 million euros. There is no doubt that in the event of renewal of the lease, it will be accompanied by a significant salary increase. The surest way, today, to repel the advances of the possible contenders and keep the most expensive player in history (222 million euros). Even if, according to the image barometer of the clubs of the season 2018-2019 commissioned by the Professional Football League that the daily The Team was able to consult, Neymar is no longer considered as the most emblematic player of the championship. Kylian Mbappé, announced as the priority of Real and Zinedine Zidane next summer, stole the show …


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