PSG: “Nothing changes”, Unai Emery puts a stop to #HatemChampion, France is in mourning


Hatem Ben Arfa, October 27, 2017 in Paris. – J.E.E./SIPA
This is the potential beautiful story of the end of the season. Yes Hatem Ben Arfa , placarded by the PSG , will not come back for a minute on the field in the remaining five games, he will be champion of France. A cause that took a sudden media interest this Monday, April 16, 2018: petition, great article from us about it, Macron who wants to put France – Ben Arfa included – at work and even a runaway twittosphere , who unites for the Ben Arfa case.

Because it’s a talent muzzled by the PSG … #HatemChampion – El Diabetico (@ TomLevel01) April 16, 2018

#HatemChampion c already the champion in my heart lol ? – Ines (@InesNaili) April 16, 2018

If the #HatemChampion walk I’ll be disgusted because we could have done a #Rabiotsentinelle before the Real – TI_khris ™ (@ Khristophe972) April 16, 2018

But Unai Emery do not hear it that way. The Paris coach recalled the PSG’s fixed positions on the issue. “The club said it all year. Nothing changes. He decided to stay here all year, he is with us. After, I choose the players I think the best to play, “he said soberly before the semifinal against Caen, without realizing that he broke the dream of much of France. Oh rage, oh despair, oh enemy Unai, Hatem will not be champion with Paris.

Already five champions titles for Ben Arfa

Hatem Ben Arfa will not add to a new line to his track record, rich of already five league titles of France anyway, more than 13 of the 20 current Ligue 1 clubs in all their history. What a little comfort his new fanbase.

Let’s dream bigger, ok, but here the PSG is still playing damn hard mode back to reality on this one.


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