PSG | Pochettino: “The reality of Sergio Ramos is different from that of 2014 …”

Having some of the best players in the world is a gift that every coach would want. Although it has a negative side, that of immediacy and expectation. If to all this we add that one of your cracks he longs to leave the club, with another team pushing hard for his signing, managing that dressing room becomes a chore for which the best of bullfighters is needed. Mauricio Pochettino knows it well, but he is delighted to have such a challenge ahead of him. The PSG of Messi, Neymar, Mbappé, Ramos… Many are the current issues that concern the Argentine coach and about many of them he chatted with Jorge Valdano, in ‘Universo Valdano’, the program that his compatriot heads in Movistar +.

Expectation versus reality: “Perhaps the reality of Sergio Ramos is different from that of 2014, or that of Messi and Neymar. These footballers are great champions, but they have to get used to reality. We all have in mind that they have been the best, but they have to be at their level. If they get that label back, of course we can achieve anything. But the struggle starts to find the best version of each one. The orchestra has to be in tune. “

Photo by Sergio Ramos

Messi’s signing: “He is a world figure. Probably the best of all time. Having Leo was a gift of life. Nobody expected his end in Barcelona, ​​not even him. The president, Leonardo and the club in general did a great job for signing Messi. It created a huge expectation in Paris, and in the whole world. I like his naturalness, and his feeling that he has to return the affection he has received. “

‘Mbappé case’: “I always saw the club firm. The idea was for him to continue with us and Mbappé saw him calm. He is a great professional, and has respected his contractual situation. Kylian is an intelligent, young but mature boy. As a footballer he is extraordinary. Champion of the world. It is the present and the future. “

Photo of de Kylian Mbappe

Neymar: “He has a great relationship with everyone. He has a big heart. In the intimacy he is sensitive, he likes to hug people. He has a good essence. Then he has that competitive, street, wild, soon, but he is a fabulous guy.”

Neymar's photo

The MNM: “What they most appreciate is spontaneity. They do not look for a reference, they look for naturalness. That you can establish a relationship of trust in which you feel free to tell them what you think and vice versa. The coach has to look for that complicity with the player and do not deceive him. Then in the locker room privileges are granted by the nature of each other. They are big names, but the collective performance is what will give you the possibility of winning. “