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03/21/2023 – 21:46

Argentina’s Messiah!

Lionel Messi (35) arrived in his native Argentina for the international break and not a few fans went unnoticed. In a restaurant in Buenos Aires, the superstar is now causing a real rush of fans.

“Imagine you just want to go out in the evening, maybe eat something delicious, have a drink with friends and be besieged by hundreds of fans within a few minutes. That’s life as Argentina’s messiah, if you just want to go to a restaurant in your home country,” is how BILD editor Simon analyzes the crazy scene surrounding Lionel Messi in today’s episode of InTORnational.


Eat in peace? Impossible!
Messi causes mega chaos

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Because: When the world footballer hits the well-known posh restaurant “Don Julio”, he triggers a rush of mega fans. Thousands of fans gathered in front of the restaurant and sang about their idol. Celebrating and screaming fans besiege Messi for minutes.

The result: The local police even have to escort Messi to his car! A mixture of joy and pure fear can be read on the face of the 35-year-old. In terms of euphoria, Messi is in a league with the biggest pop stars of our time. What crazy scenes that are a bit reminiscent of Michael Jackson or Lady Gaga!

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