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PSG tough measures: Players on the roster who don’t go will…

According to the French “Parisian” report, in order to solve the problem of the team’s bloated lineup, the Paris Saint-Germe club decided to take tough measures.

One of the big problems facing Paris in the Leonardo era was the inability to wash players they didn’t need. Although there were nearly 10 players on the wash list, Leonardo seemed to have nothing to do with these players, players who could be sent away. There are few and few, and many players refuse to leave the team even if they cannot play the ball.

Now, Paris President IkhalifaNasser Al-KhelaifiMake it clear that players who are not in the team plan must leave the team. And the club’s recently appointed adviser, Gampos, is actually exercising the role of sporting director, and he will take tough measures.

At Lille, Gampos forcibly excluded players who were not in the team’s plan but refused to leave the team.

Gampos said the same would be done in Paris, excluding unwanted players from the squad to make room. The club will ask them to leave in a decent manner, if not, the club will release them.

But the biggest problem may be cleaning NimaNeymarafter July 1, his contract is automatically renewed until 2027, and his annual salary is nearly 50 million euros. If he does not agree to a salary reduction, it will be really difficult to find a buyer.