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PSG: Tuchel, the glass half full or half empty? – League 1

Two looks on the first season of Thomas Tuchel at the head of Paris Saint-Germain.


Christophe Remise (journalist for the sports editor of Le Figaro and Sport24) : "What assessment for Thomas Tuchel after his first season at PSG? From an accounting point of view, it's hard to see any progress. The club of the capital is still out at the stage of the 8th finals of the Champions League, after the worst humiliation of its European history – with a not white-blue Tuchel about the pre-game return and in his changes in course of play against MU -, and was not at the end in the Coupe de la Ligue, eliminated by Guingampais then red lanterns of Ligue 1. All while waiting for the final of the Coupe de France on April 27, against Rennes. But basically, it's moving forward. Very clearly. Especially in the state of mind, this desire to always win, play hard. If we make an exception of the three matches preceding the title (Strasbourg, Lille, Nantes), with injuries to the shovel … While the PSG had gotten used to a certain tactical immobilism under Laurent Blanc and Unai Emery, Thomas Tuchel has also flipped the table. This is true with regard to the tactical schemes, but also the positioning of the players. Compared to Emery, it's the day and the night when it comes to communication. Tuchel did not hesitate to play young people, some in any case, and largely made his staff.

And the management? Not even 50 years, a limited experience as a player, just thicker as a coach … One could doubt the ability of Tuchel to manage the locker room in Paris. Unai Emery has broken his teeth before him. But in the end, the Bavarian understood everything. He first put the frames in the pocket, before practicing extreme hug therapy. Gradually, he began to change things tactically and after the defeat in Liverpool (3-2), allowed to punch on the table. Today he has full and complete membership of the group. Not to mention the support of the management. Dani Alves (who is waiting for an extension) said recently on RMC : "This is the best acquisition since my arrival at PSG". "Managing a group is the most complicated thing. There are so many egos, especially in Paris, says the consultant bein Sports Grégory Paisley. Everyone reacts differently to a discussion, a word, an attitude. Tuchel knows how to pull all his little strings according to the players. That's what allowed him to have a locker room that has lived well. He did well things of entry. When you have to punch the table, it does. He knows how to do it. Afterwards, the results will speak. "Especially in the European Cup …"


Martin Couturié (editor-in-chief at Le Figaro sports editorial and Sport24) : "Hunt the natural, it comes back at a gallop … It has long been believed that the saying was not valid in Germany, or in any case did not apply to Germanic nationals. We were wrong. And it is not the title of champion of France won Sunday after the Lille draw in Toulouse (0-0) and before a victory against Monaco (3-1) that will change our mind. Especially not after the slap in Lille (5-1) and no less piteous defeat in Nantes (3-2). No. For Thomas Tuchel has indeed been caught by his "natural" at the end of the season much more hectic than expected the club of the capital. From Germany, he had arrived almost a year ago with a rather flattering reputation. The one who started from nothing and managed to climb very high. But also the one who has put a lot of people back to back, including a character asserted (not necessarily a default) but also unbridled authoritarianism. None of this in the first months of the season in Paris. Like his very first press conference, at ease, all smiles and posed, the new Parisian coach has managed to seduce in no time his leaders, his players, the media and the general public . A great performance and a unanimity that will, unfortunately for him, not last all season.

Hunt the natural …, the German technician appeared much more nervous on his bench during this second part of the season, after Manchester. Witness this silly expulsion early April at PSG-Strasbourg (2-2) where his club missed the coronation, including a first half missed after the wrong choice of his coach. Witness again this quarrel behind the scenes with Laurent Paganelli for a history of jersey (Strasbourg) worn by the whimsical interviewer. While the gesture of "Paga" was not the most skillful but Tuchel's nervousness seemed somewhat disproportionate. And left to appear in the observers of the Parisian club, whether they do their job or not, a kind of strange feeling, between slight annoyance, small spades, even critical of the coach of the club.

And some to remember that he already displays a worse record than his predecessor last season, Unai Emery. The League Cup elimination by Guingamp, last in Ligue 1 at the time of the match, could have gone through loss and profit if Manchester United had not humiliated Tuchel and his men in the eighth-final Champions League yet more painful than the Barcelona "remontada". This sinking weight weighs heavily in the balance sheet of the German, who has seen somehow his armor of "qualities" and "results" to crack inexorably in recent weeks. After this title of champion of France, announced from the first day of the championship in view of the rivalry, Thomas Tuchel must imperatively win the Coupe de France (final against Rennes on April 27) on pain of seeing his (rare) opponents become more numerous and more virulent critics. "


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