"Psychologically at the end": Carolin & Yeliz calculate with BiP!

"Psychologically at the end": Carolin & Yeliz calculate with BiP!

Even after the Bachelor in Paradise Finale it remains exciting! For Carolin Ehrensberger and Yeliz Koc (24) the love adventure in Thailand is already over for several weeks. The two just did not find the right partner during the show. After her exit fell in love Yeliz not only in the Ex- Bachelorette -Member Johannes Haller She has since become friends with her former flirt competitor Caro. Nevertheless, the girls are not just looking back on their shared TV experience: In the net, the two pull violently over the dome format ago! The two girls report in one YouTube Video that the shooting for “Bachelor in Paradise” was pretty demanding. Especially Caro had to nibble on the extreme situation neatly: “Psychologically I was partly right at the end.” Firstly, you do not have real friends, you just get to know a few people superficially. “Second, you’re all alone, you have no family.” Third, we all had no cell phone and therefore no contact with the outside world And fourth, you’re completely on your own. ” , she describes her personal impressions. However, the blonde can also benefit from her participation: Some of her colleagues have become true friends. Yeliz In hindsight, it was especially annoying that some candidates appeared on the show for the wrong reasons. “Some were just there to help raise their profile, and I’m disappointed that people are getting ahead that are not serious.” she explains her point of view on the internet. For the 24-year-old, the TV adventure took a happy ending at the end: Between her and John it only sparked after the exit! Instagram / _yelizkoc_ Carolin Ehrensberger and Yeliz Koc display Instagram / _yelizkoc_ Johannes Haller, Yeliz Koc and Carolin Ehrensberger display Instagram / carolinehrensberger Carolin Ehrensberger and Yeliz Koc, known by “Bachelor in Paradise” display Vote show result Tips for Promiflash? Just e-mail to: tipps@promiflash.de

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