Psychologist’s advice when Children are Adolescents and Away from Parents

Teenagers are also related to the periods of puberty that are being experienced. They experienced a complex transition, not children anymore. Not yet mature minded.

“So, the name of teenagers is in the middle (not children, not adults). We can see in terms of changes related to physical changes, ways of thinking also change,” continued Vera.

“Therefore, they feel that the problem faced is the biggest in the world. For example, if breaking up with his girlfriend is the most painful break up event in the world it feels.”

Vera added, what is needed by adolescents, especially at the age of 12-13 years, namely affection. Compassion that they are accepted to be loved without conditions.

“If in the world of psychology it means that there is someone who is willing to listen to curhatan from adolescents. This is because they only need someone who seems to understand and want to listen seriously,” he added.

“At home, for example, if a teenager tells a story about what he experienced but he didn’t hear it, that’s sad. So, we need someone who loves.”

Teenagers also need empathy and sympathy. That how teenagers can be motivated to be happy. Sympathy and empathy to help the problem, including the sadness experienced.


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