PTT profits for the first quarter of year 65 decreased by 21.5%


May 13, 2022 – 10:35

PTT reveals the first quarter of year 65 profits reach 25,571 million baht, a decrease of 21.5%

PTT Public Company Limited or PTT disclosed through the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) that the first quarter of year’s operating results were 25,570.94 million baht or 0.89 baht per share, a decrease of 21.5% from the same period last year. Profit of 32,587.61 million baht or 1.14 baht per share. PTT group’s stock gains increased by 11 billion baht in line with higher crude oil prices. compared to the same period last year

Meanwhile, the performance of petrochemical business declined due to product and raw material spread of most petrochemical products. Both the aromatics and olefins lines were weakened. However, the New Business and Infrastructure segment saw a deterioration in performance mainly due to the high cost of natural gas and coal. As a result, the profit margin from selling electricity to industrial customers decreased.

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