Puan is outspoken about the issue of Substituting Ma’ruf for Barter Postponing the Election

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

Chairman of the DPR and Chairman of the PDI-P (PDIP) DPP. Mrs. Maharani He has been forthright in responding to issues related to the postponement of the 2024 General Election. Among these issues, he will replace Ma’ruf Amin as vice president in order to change PDIP’s attitude regarding discourse. Election postponement 2024.

Puan denied that she had been offered or lobbied to replace Ma’ruf in order to change PDIP’s stance on the discourse on postponing the election and extending the presidential term. He confirmed that Ma’ruf would remain as vice president until 2024.

“No, no, until 2024, the vice president will still be Mr. Ma’ruf, just like that. No one has come,” said Puan in an interview with CNNIndonesia TV, Tuesday (22/3).

Puan continued, her party’s stance has firmly rejected the discourse of postponing the election. He is committed to following the stages of the 2024 General Election that have been agreed upon by the DPR and the government.

As the strongest party in parliament, PDIP has become a determinant of the discourse on postponing elections through amendments to the 1945 Constitution in the MPR. However, the PDIP has expressed its stance against this discourse.

“The PDIP’s position is clear that we will respect all official decisions that have been agreed upon by the institution and the law,” said Puan.

On the other hand, Puan admits that PDIP has indeed pushed for the amendment of the 1945 Constitution. However, the changes are only for articles related to the Principles of State Policy (PPHN).

Puan does not want her party’s stance to be associated with extending the presidential term. He ensured that PDIP would not be tempted if there were parties who offered to barter support for amendments to the PPHN with an extension of the president’s term of office.

“For the nation and state, the consensus cannot be bartered just like that because this is a very different matter for the nation’s future, plus the other is delaying power,” he said.

Puan explained that the constitutional amendments regarding PPHN and the extension of the president’s term of office were two different things, so they could not be linked. Amendments to the PPHN have been PDIP’s aspiration from the start, namely for the sake of the country’s sustainable development.

The ideals, he said, had nothing to do with who took office. Puan emphasized that whoever the president is, amendments to the PPHN must still be carried out.

“This matter must be distinguished, between PPHN plus postponement, do not become a single unit. Because the goal with what the PDIP aspires to is to amend the Constitution is only one article related to the outline of the state’s policy,” said he, who is currently serving Chairman of the House of Representatives of the Republic of Indonesia.

“With the ideal that the continuity of the government related to major policies must be carried out and continued by anyone who later becomes the leader of the country,” he added.

Even so, he claimed that his party did not want to rush the amendment. He wants the government to focus on handling the pandemic.

“So we just focus on how this covid ends soon, the economy rises, the economic recovery, this government can carry out its duties and obligations as well as possible so as to leave a complete legacy for this nation and country,” he added.

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