PUBG Creators Released Universe Movie – Battle Royale Prehistory

Creators PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds released a 9-minute film in the game’s universe, telling the backstory of the emergence of the local battle royale.

The 9-minute short film Ground Zero shows a prison in which inmates were offered money to kill Kanje Ma in a separate cell. But no one can cope with it – neither the crowd, nor the strongest fighters. And even the guards armed with a firearm, filming the assassination attempt, are not able to stop the hero.

However, it was this very shooting – or rather, the cassette – that served as the basis for the creation of Battlegrounds. The film was bought by a certain Russian, who, thanks to it, achieved great success and decided to come up with a royal battle.

By the way, the main role in the film was played by Korean actor Ma Dong-sok, best known for his zombie horror “Train Times to Busan».

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