PUBG Mobile has established an unusual cooperation with … Baby Shark

Baby Shark is the most popular shark on the market today, derived from the children’s song of the same name. The advertising spot officially appeared on the market in 2016. The music video is very melodic, but it cannot be denied that its music, as well as the entire setting and graphic convention, are directed rather at children.

However the popular Baby Shark has also inspired the older community. Many modifications have been made with the participation of the characteristic shark. The fairy-tale character also fits perfectly into the latest trends in websites such as: Facebook, TikTok if Snapchat.

Collaboration between the popular shooter PUBG Mobile dedicated to mobile devices, and the iconic Baby Shark is, however, … unusual and going beyond the scheme. It is extremely difficult to match a warlike, rather heavy atmosphere to melodic music and a fairy-tale shark.

However, publishers and producers from Tencent Games and KRAFTON have already had similar cooperation behind them. Last year, an almost identical crossover appeared in the PUBG Mobile. In October, all players of the popular production could experience a monthly event in the game, referring to the aforementioned Baby Shark.

Everything indicates that the battle royale mobile shooter and the fairy-tale shark are one. Over two minutes long film “PUBG Mobile x Baby Shark“From the current collaboration you can see below. We leave the assessment of the game’s cartoon characters’ diligent collaboration with the popular, cheerful shark once featured in an advertisement – we leave it to you.