In its brand new update available today, Player Unknown's Battlegrounds Mobile (PUBG MOBILE) has a card that is eagerly awaited by the players.

entitled "Sanhok", the latter is located in a dense jungle with varied environments, and offers players a smaller combat zone for extremely nervous clashes. This map is in line with previous updates, which included introducing the Miramar map, training mode, first-person view and much more.

In addition, Tencent Games today announces impressive statistics concerning PUBG MOBILE. The game continues to leave its mark on the market with more than 20 million daily active users (not counting Japan, Korea and China). Over season 2, over the past 14 weeks, more than 130 million players from more than 200 different countries have won 864,425,575 Chicken Dinners.

In addition to introducing the Sanhok card, the latest update of PUBG MOBILE adds new social features to the game to allow players to cooperate more easily with their teammates:

  • New weapons and vehicles – The Sanhok card features several new weapons and vehicles, including the flare pistol, the QBZ pistol, the Muscle Car and a UAZ bullet-proof vehicle
  • Steps against cheating – Improved identification of additional cheat modules and reporting buttons for viewer mode, basic information and result screens
  • Data for each season – The season page now displays players and important data from all seasons, including titles, highest level achieved and much more
  • Gameplay improvements – Improvements were made to the chat system, clan ranks, parachute items and much more

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