Public health and the Canadian discuss to increase capacity at the Bell Center

As we know, the Canadian currently has a big disadvantage against the Lightning: the number of fans in the building.

After all, we knew that the United States and Canada are handling the pandemic in very different ways, but we see it more than ever during the duels between the Canadian and the Knights and the Lightning. This is a real disadvantage for the Canadian team.

Imagine what it would have been against the Jets and their 500 Manitoba health workers …

So what should the Canadian do? He must try to compete on equal terms.

This is the reason why the CH has, once again, asked that we increase the capacity of the Bell Center. According to Réjean Tremblay, as said on the airwaves of 91.9 Sports, the Canadian and public health are in discussions to find common ground to increase capacity.

That said, an agreement must be found tomorrow. Why? Because we have to give the Canadian time to put tickets on sale for Friday’s game.

Obviously, this is not the first time that the CH has made such a request. For months, the CH has been making different plans to welcome as many fans as possible to its arena. This has not yet given results more than the 3,500 to which we are currently entitled.

Will it work? After all, the restriction of 250 supporters per gate still seems to be the same … but information to the contrary is currently circulating.

Marc-Olivier Beaudoin released (and deleted) a tweet related to information that wants 10,000 people to enter the Bell Center on Friday.

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Same story with 98.5 Sports, where it is claimed that 10,500 people is a plan on the table. It is not confirmed (will it be soon?) Since public health is thinking about the health of citizens as well as fairness with other events.

Note that the idea of ​​going there only if you are vaccinated twice is not a solution seriously considered by the government. Since not everyone got their second dose, the government is reluctant to move forward.

However, not everyone believes it. Many people contradict the news. Official words or real information?

It’s no wonder the Canadiens have a go. But are his chances of success good?

Who knows.

A lot of

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