Public Health College R2C repository, iECN, 2022, Elsevier Masson

In perfect compliance with the new DFASM program (diploma of advanced training in medical sciences) and the BO of 2020, this book brings together all the basic and advanced knowledge in public health. True to the spirit of the previous edition, the book is made up of two parts: Knowledge and Training.

– The “Knowledge” section which covers all the items, including 3 new ones (Telemedicine, telehealth and teleservices in health/Health and digital/Impact of the environment on health), pertaining to public health. The book is organized into 7 sections grouping the items by theme: clinical epidemiology, quality of care and patient safety, health economics and health systems, addictions, infectious risks, cardiovascular risks and cancers. Each chapter begins systematically with the initial situations, a reminder of the educational objectives and a table of the hierarchy of knowledge in ranks A and B. The chapters then develop the theme, with the indication of the ranks throughout the text (knowledge C for go further are also indicated). The content, clear and didactic, is supported by numerous tables and key points on concepts to remember, boxes “Transversal reflexes” as well as numerous diagrams. The consensus texts have been updated and are accessible via flashcodes.

– The “Training” part which offers a renewal of self-assessments to practice the different types of tests by offering Kea features problems, in addition to the old clinical files and IQ revised and corrected.

The book is part of the collection Les repositories des Collèges whose format and color layout make it easy to read and facilitate comprehension and memorization. The model with presentation in 1 airy column offers many tables and inserts adapted to the different types of content and allows quick identification of the level of knowledge of the content.