Public meeting at Mortensrud – – That’s not how we should have it

– We take this seriously. That’s not how we should be in this city, said City Councilor Raymond Johansen (Labor Party) during a public meeting at Mortensrud in Oslo on Thursday night.

Exactly two weeks after the shooting episode at Lofsrud school, which resulted in the murder of Hamse Hashi Adan (20), the district Søndre Nordstrand, the Education Agency and the police arranged a public meeting on Mortensrud Torg.

Hundreds of activists turned up to demand action from both the police and political leadership.

– The backdrop is deeply tragic. The murder has created great insecurity and insecurity for many who live here. The fact that I, as the top political leader in the city, am here and talk to people, and hear both about expectations and the despair many have, it makes an impression, says Johansen to Dagbladet.

LISTENED: Oslo City Councilor, Raymond Johansen, listened to the speeches from the committed attendees at the public meeting on Mortensrud square. Photo: Stian Lysberg Solum / NTB
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– I appreciate the honesty, Johansen said from the stage after a number of clearly affected parents, activists, local politicians and enthusiasts had talked about the challenges in the area.

Among them was Trine Eskeland. She is the mother of one in the eighth grade at Lofsrud school. The school that committed the murder just two weeks earlier.

– It was not the best start to the school year. The students have felt both fear and discomfort after this happened. My concern here is to speak for those who down to the age of 12 feel insecure in their own local environment, Eskeland tells Dagbladet.

- We will never forget his smile

– We will never forget his smile

Good news from the city council

No such measures were presented on Thursday. However, the city council leader could come up with good news.

Within the next two weeks, Mortensrud will have a job center, initially in the form of barracks, for young adults between 18 and 25 years of age. Here, the municipality, in consultation with NAV and the private business community, will be able to start a survey of those who have the greatest need for help, and may end up in criminal environments.

– We will do everything to push young people into working life, so that they can see that life has more opportunities. And at the same time could also motivate more people to start an educational race, the city council leader explains.

This is something the district has been working on for too long.

– This is fantastic news for us, says district director in the district Søndre Nordstrand, Monica Nordmoen to Dagbladet.

Mortensrud, and the district in general, have major living conditions challenges. The district director emphasizes that these are not solved by a jiffy.

– It takes a long time to work with this. Not done from one year to the next. Nor is it something we as a district can do alone. We are dependent on working closely with the City of Oslo, the police and the volunteers, says Nordmoen.

Highest number of gunshot cases in over ten years

Highest number of gunshot cases in over ten years

One person arrested

It was at 22.22 on Thursday 7 October that the police received several reports of a shooting episode outside Lofsrud school. The police moved out with large crews. There they found the 20-year-old with major injuries.

He received life-saving first aid on the spot, before he was taken to Ullevål hospital. On Friday afternoon, the police announced that Adan was dead.

After just over two weeks of investigation, the Oslo police district was able to report on Friday that they had arrested a person, charged with complicity in the murder.

– In addition, the police have charged two other men in the case, without these currently being apprehended by the police. We have reason to believe that they are abroad, and they are in demand internationally. The police make continuous assessments of whether the persons should be wanted in public. We encourage the relevant people to report to the police, the Oslo police district writes in a press release.

The two wanted persons are charged with complicity in murder and / or murder, police attorney Børge Enoksen told Dagbladet on Friday night.

– We believe that the two have a more central role. Beyond this, I can not say anything more about the details around this, says Enoksen.

All three are acquaintances of the police.

VISIBLE: John Roger Lund, head of the Oslo police district's unit east, promised that the police would be more present and more visible to the young people at Mortensrud.  Photo: Stian Lysberg Solum / NTB

VISIBLE: John Roger Lund, head of the Oslo police district’s unit east, promised that the police would be more present and more visible to the young people at Mortensrud. Photo: Stian Lysberg Solum / NTB
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Five in custody after weapons seizure

The head of the Oslo police district’s unit east, John Roger Lund, attended the public meeting on Thursday. Here he gave a fiery speech to those present at Mortensrud Torg, and made a clear appeal to the parents who were present.

– We must get more adults and parents out in the surrounding areas here. Adults who can show positive, informal social control, elaborates the police chief, and suggests that the police should also be more present and visible in the area.

At the same time, Police Chief Lund was able to paint a very gloomy picture of how many firearms are in circulation in the area.

– Recently, we have seized three weapons in the area, where there are six involved, and where five of these are in custody, Lund says.

He emphasizes that there is currently no indication that the arrests have anything to do with the murder case, but could say that the seizure of weapons is not unusual for the police.

So far this year, we have seized insane amounts of weapons in our areas. We believe that it is completely unsustainable to walk around with firearms in the local communities out here on Mortensrud.

Seven shots in seven weeks

Hamse Hashi Adan was also the seventh shot victim in seven weeks in Oslo. Several of the shooting episodes have taken place on the open street. City councilor Johansen is also concerned that there are apparently large quantities of firearms in Oslo.

– It is very important that the police go in and make seizures. And in the long run, we must work to ensure that it is not tough to be a criminal, says Johansen, and refers to an expression several used during the public meeting.

– It should not be tough to be a criminal. It should be tough to have the opportunity to be at work, the opportunity to be in an educational race. That is what should be tough and motivating.

Police Chief Lund also needs to announce that the proportion of young criminals in Oslo is very low. Only 3 percent of young people under 18 have been in contact with the police, he says.

– I must say that is great. There are several criminal actors in the area here, but there are also a lot of good people out here.

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