Public meeting on June 2 with Julie Péréa and Jacques Cheminade

The 2008 financial crisis

During his 1995 presidential campaign, where Jacques Cheminade warned against senseless speculation in real estate and derivatives. He then published his alternative to monetarism in the book “A recovery plan through public productive credit. »

The neo-conservative drift of the Obama administration

Like our American friends, we denounced the grip of the war party on the Obama administration long before the scandal of illegal wiretapping or that of the “extra-judicial” assassinations, including of American citizens.

The nature of the war in Syria and terrorism

S&P unmasked in 2012 (verifies) the instrumentalization of terrorist movements to overthrow certain regimes, including Syria.

The Far Right and Neo-Nazis in Ukraine

As soon as the Ukrainian government rejected the Free Association Treaty at the end of 2013, we denounced the Westerners’ senseless support for neo-Nazi movements with the aim of expanding NATO to Russia’s borders.

Confiscation of bank deposits or “bail-in”

Long before January 2016 and the effective application of a European directive allowing banks to be bailed out with depositors’ money, we denounced this confiscatory and destructive logic as early as 2013.

The Coming Financial Tsunami

It’s true that many economists talk about it, in any case much more than before the 2008 crisis! And yet no one defends the democratic public credit policy that would allow us to avoid an unprecedented economic shock.

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