Public transport failures in Mainfranken: lack of staff and cases of illness

If you want to get around by public transport in Lower Franconia this week, you have to expect that the bus will not even come in some places. Three regional bus trips will be canceled in the Schweinfurt district this week. Two early connections between Schweinfurt and Volkach and one between Üchtelhausen and Schweinfurt. The district made the announcement in a statement on Tuesday.

There are also corresponding problems in the city of Schweinfurt. At the request of BR, reference is made to the website of Stadtwerke Schweinfurt. Between 10 and 30 cancellations for lines 11, 21, 51, 52 and 61 will be announced there for the coming days.

The Verkehrsgemeinschaft am Bayerischen Untermain (VAB), which operates public transport in the city and district of Aschaffenburg and Miltenberg, says: “Unfortunately, it cannot be ruled out in the VAB area that individual lines/journeys will be canceled or have already been cancelled.” According to the VAB website, lines 42, 43, 50, 53 (BG2), 54 (BG3), 55, 62 and 63 are affected.

Reason: illness and lack of staff

The reasons for the failures are the same everywhere: a mixture of current cases of illness and a general lack of staff is causing problems for local transport. The Schweinfurt public utility company, for example, cannot understand to what extent the frequent cases of illness are corona infections due to legal requirements.

However, it seems conclusive. The Haßberge district also writes about a currently increased incidence of illness/corona among the public transport operators in the district. “Nevertheless, all journeys/lines could be carried out as planned. So far, no journeys/lines have been restricted or endangered,” explains a spokeswoman when asked by BR.

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Large parts of Lower Franconia are not affected

The transport association Mainfranken (VVM), which includes the city and state of Würzburg as well as the districts of Kitzingen and Main-Spessart, meanwhile has no major absences from illness, as a spokeswoman assured on request. The same applies to the district of Rhön-Grabfeld. The district of Bad Kissingen is currently unable to make any statements about public transport, as those responsible are currently not available.