Portal Todo Sobre Comitetas, specializing in demonstrations of game sets for football clubs and national teams, has posted an image of a new uniform for the Russian football team, in which it will perform in the 2020/2021 season.

The form retains the design presented last year. However, his strips on his sleeves were fixed; earlier they had been “sewn” upside down. Now they are just white.

Recall that in November 2019, Moscow hosted a presentation of a game form in which the national team will perform at the upcoming European Championship. In it, she was supposed to speak in the final matches of the qualifying campaign against Belgium and San Marino. Later, the media reported that the players refused to play in the form provided: they were confused by the inverted Russian flag on the sleeves.

The company Adidas, which is the technical sponsor of the team, explained that the flag of the Russian Federation on the sleeves of the game uniform of the players of the Russian national team was upside down specially shown. “They (colors – approx. Ed) line up in the flag of the Russian Federation with the hands of football players and fans raised, triumphing at the time of a goal,” the company said. “Our task was precisely to make the flag look right in the moments of victories,” added Adidas. However, after criticism, the company promised to correct the wrong image of flowers.

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