News Puerto Ricans discovered a warehouse full of food, water,...

Puerto Ricans discovered a warehouse full of food, water, and unused supplies from Hurricane Maria, resulting in the island’s emergency manager being released.



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  • A store full of unused supplies, including food, water, cots, and a formula for children left from Hurricane Maria found in Ponce, Puerto Rico on Saturday.

  • The discovery of Puerto Rico Gov. Wanda Vásquez Garced to Carlos Acevedo, director of the Office of Emergency Management, was lit.

  • Vásguez Garced ordered the Puerto Rico state secretary to inquire the unused supplies within the next two days.

  • The hurricane 2017 brought into the island, which was recently discussed with a series of catastrophic earthquakes.

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The Ponce store, Puerto Rico, which was full of unused emergency supplies, including food, water and remaining cotton from Hurricane Maria in 2017, was found on Saturday during a recent earthquake inspection in the region.

After arriving at the unused emergency supplies, Puerto Ricans were outside the facility expecting some of the emergency supplies, including the food, water, and emergency radios according to CNN’s report.

A video of the store by journalist Univision, Jeremy Ortiz, showed that supplies from the warehouse were being distributed after the discovery of Sunday.

Puerto Rico Gov. Wanda Vásquez Garced Carlos Acevedo, director of the Office of Emergency Management, presented Saturday after the discovery, against CNN. Vásquez Garced ordered Secretary of State Puerto Rico Elmer Roman to investigate – with a 48-hour deadline – on the management of supplies, CNN reported.

“There are thousands of people who made sacrifices to help south and it is inevitable that resources were kept in a warehouse,” Vásquez Garced said in a statement sent to Twitter.

Acevedo has managed to protect the supplies and in a statement issued through his former office he said that supplies in the warehouse are never refused to residents, which he said included items such as diapers and children’s formula.

Acevedo said that 80 water pads were not distributed in the warehouse because they had expired, but said that there were about 600 pallets distributed after 2019 Dorian and Karen Hurrices and during droughts. Puerto Rico was not affected by either hurricane on the same level as Maria.

As previously reported Insider, the hurricane left in 2017, which left more than 3,000 people dead, left it a terrible disaster on the island and revealed it cracks in Puerto Rico infrastructure. The hurricane had up to 140 mph winds and sent 38 inches of rain to parts of the island, against the Inside. As of August 2019, approximately 30,000 people on the island were still considered to have permanent roofs – two years after the storm.

The news was widely responded to. On Twitter, Donald Trump Jr shared the news in a tweet that claimed he had shown his father, President Donald Trump “right after all.”

The president claimed it was “best thing“which will happen to Puerto Rico after the 2017 storm, despite widespread complaints that the US federal government failed properly to tackle the devastating hurricane that left thousands dead. The island was visited after the hurricane.

The unused emergency supplies come across a number of terrible earthquakes on the island. The earthquakes damaged the already damaged Puerto Rico power grid and drove people to sleep in shelters and on its streets due to excessive damage from the pier on 7 and 11 January. In addition to the larger size – 6.4 and 6.0 – The island has dealt with hundreds of smaller piers in January across 5,328 square miles of Puerto Rico. The earthquake 6.4 was the largest in the century.

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